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Mind Aid Festival

CLIENT: Wellington City Council

            Wellington, New Zealand - 2022

It is just as important to take care of our Mental health as it is our physical health and in fact, they are often intertwined.

Across the week of10 - 16th OCTOBER five artists came together to present an exhibition of visual art that explores the notions and necessities of refining our understandings of our inner minds, to find that place that we can call a safe haven from the occasional destructive forces at work around us.
Alongside the exhibition various practitioners led workshops that enabled participants to build a set of tools in order to live a more balanced, harmonious lifestyle.

All sponsored by Wellington City Council.

For me as a designer, this was a HUGE opportunity to brand an entire festival from the get-go.


It even gave me the opportunity to create my largest printed marketing content to date - an A0 paste-up poster right in the heart of the ctiy (as pictured below).

The event received a huge amount of support from varying sources such as renowned New Zealand charities Gumboot Friday and Urban Dream Brokerage to Thistle HallRat World Magazine Phantom Billstickers and DeepWave.

Nationwide broadcasting company Media Works even got involved by promoting the event through a two-week long national radio campaign.


US traditional print company Phantom Billstickers put up the poster campaign in a series of A1 prints.


As the event ran I produced a series of short documentary films to promote the week-long experience. 


Every day during the event there were a series of workshops, performances and talks centering around the mental health sector. All of this required a whole host of graphic design work to create web banners, event promo flyers and social media headers.

Jungle Bar Coffee


            Wellington, New Zealand - 2022

JUNGLE BAR COFFEE is a unique, earthy coffee bar in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington. Made out of a 1970s Caravan, the Jungle Bar has a permanent fixture within the week caffinating the dedicated locals on their daily route.

I was blessed with the opportunity to create a brand for this beautiful little caravan-coffee business from the outset.

As such, the design I came up with was a very detailed and exciting portrayal of a typographic logo that was bursting full of flora.

Underneath that is the liquid milk additive leaking into the loose, cursive word form for 'Coffee'.


After establishing a dynamic logo, I applied it to very basic, plain & recycled materials to demonstrate both a cohesive. earthy colour palette and message of sustainability within the brand itself. After all; it's not right to be named after the Jungle whilst aiding in it's destruction!

When colour is used within the packaging I advised the use of mild tones to off-set the bold logo type.


Close up inspection of the typography within the logo reveals the multitude of plant life within the jungle scene - it really looks alive in there!

To break up the green palette somewhat, I applied the liberal use of colors through the odd banana, berry, flowers and stems. It reminds me somewhat of an earlier mural project I took on where I ended up designing a logo for Scottish boutique holiday home Coo Palace.


Rather than having a vinyl wrap produced for the side of the caravan the client and I felt that a hand-painted mural and sign board would lend itself better to the brand 


So it was back to the studio to paint this plywood illustrative menu by hand, including all pricing information and funky illustrations.

It even includes a beautiful little version of the caravan itself (bottom right hand corner)



            Norfolk, United Kingdom - 2021

CU-REA-OSITIES is a new age, crystal and wellness shop primarily operating online but with the occasional pop-up and market day around the Norfolk and Norwich area. The client approached me based on some tattoo style illustrations that they had seen and asked me if I could create an illustrative fusion between tattoo-art and magik / occult.

The resulting logo design is partly hand-drawn and partly digital, with the background filler being a real photographic image of deep space.

It's great to see Cu-Rea-Osities still out and about selling hand-made jewelry in the Norfolk area as well as absolutely killing it online!


Roni - the owner of Cu-Rea-Osities trading

on her market stall

Example of the wire wraps available

on the online store

Business card for Cu-Rea-Osities online store & socials

Franko Fraize

CLIENT: Franko Fraize

            Norfolk, United Kingdom - 2018

Franko Fraize is an enigmatic UK rapper who constantly weaves in and out of musical genres. For a number of years now I’ve worked closely with 
Franko to establish a brand identity and make sure it is applied across all of his media channels and platforms.
Having made a strong, simple typographic logo, I outlined the parameters by which it can be applied to new and upcoming record covers as well as posters, music videos, web banners etc

The Client was heavily influenced by punk & new wave music of a bygone era.

1970s Bands like The Jam, The Clash & The Specials all fed into their influence pool.

Although primarily a rapper, Franko didn't want his imagery to be specifically associated with the UK urban scene itself and wanted to distance himself from some of the cliche's surrounding it.

So instead I turned to the recognisable aesthetic language of inner-city London and it's 'Johnston ITC' font type.


I used the font type 'Gill Sans'; a 1928 sans-serif font based on the Johnston ITC Underground font and extended out cap height of each capital 'F' to create a clean, recognisable logo design. Modern, but classic at the same time, with a strong rooting in British cultural history.

Oi Clothing

CLIENT: Oi Clothing (Franko Fraize)

            Norfolk, United Kingdom - 2020

In 2019 Franko Fraize launched his own brand of streetwear called 'Oi' inspired by his time performing on the road around the UK.

Following on from the logo design project, I took a deep dive into the kinds of sports brands Franko would have worn when he was growing up.

We both agreed that we wanted to create something quite enigmatic that would convey the feeling of something which is already quite established. 


Lil Tortilla Boi

CLIENT: Lil Tortilla Boi

            Fremantle, Australia - 2018

One of my strongest skillsets is my ability to conjure up unique and dynamic branding for a multitude of products and services. One example of this is ‘Lil Tortilla Boi’; a Mexican street food brand from Western Australia. This brand required a very striking set of imagerey that would make it stand out amongst the bustling market that it operated in. It had to appeal fresh & young but still reliable as the food really was delicious and made with love.

The owner of Lil Tortilla Boi wanted to make Mexican street-food with a cool modern, street-style aesthetic. Inspired by hip hop and graffiti culture, they wanted a logo design that would match their hand-made food cart whilst referencing the 'Day of the Dead', Mexicana imagery of their inspiration point. The resulting design is simple yet fresh, creative and dynamic.

    After successfully trading as a street-food vendor for the first year, 

Lil Tortilla Boi quickly became established in the local area and got it's own physical Pop Up restaurant.

Here is the colour signage hanging out the front of the shop.

Aside from creating a digital logo design with typeface, there was room again to apply my hand-made aesthetic by helping design and paint the food cart and signage!

It's always a pleasure when a client understands and utilises my full skillset.


Customers had already enjoyed the food from the street and from the restaurant. It wasn't long before the client attempted to expand the Lil Tortilla Boi brand into a range of packaged products.


Like our very own version of a known, popular fast food chain I began creating characters from the Lil Tortilla Boi universe. Each one an illustrative example of the ingredients and products that were on offer.

Resin Skin

CLIENT: Resin Skin

            United Kingdom 2019

Resin Skin is a skincare range of smooth, natural ointments designed to 'Even scrub the scales off of the hardest desert reptiles'.

The client behind this range of carefully cured balms was seeking to create a brand with a vivid, slightly shocking exterior to counter-balance it's smooth, delicate interior. Heavily inspired by Punk, Skateboard and street culture, the client wanted a brand identity that was quite 'in your face', colourful and young.

Days Of Being Wild

CLIENT: Days Of Being Wild

            Australia, 2014

Days Of Being Wild was a vintage clothing store selling retro, vintage and original art pieces. It was sixties inspired but rooted in the young 16 - 21 year old market of Western Australia. I combined a clean, drop-shadow font type with simple iconography of the 'Victory' peace symbol.

While it was running, DOBW was a big hit with young gig-going social groups who orientated themselves around the sun, fun and parties.

This project allowed me to work with local streetwear fashion photographers and models to create a marketing campaign for the shop.

It also gave me an opportunity to teach myself video editing to create a short promo film that DOBW could use on their social media.

Pimped Earth

CLIENT: Pimped Earth

            Australia, 2014

Pimped Earth Another food company I had the pleasure of working with in Australia was Pimped Earth - a confectionary company that take a lot of pride and attentiveness in their choice of ingredients whilst maintaining creativity and inventiveness in their creations.

After creating a couple of logos for them I was then tasked with applying it to their online marketing and printed packaging. I then physically painted up a few physical sign boards for them to use around different food fairs to show off their products.

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